How To Take A Good Photo

If you want to have a good photo One strategy is to get close to the ground. Another one is to zoom in. If you want some people say to use the flash during the day but I have never tried that. Some people also say shutter speed will work. Most of the time get close to the ground and zoom in. Some people like taking a birds view photo which is pretty much like a photo from up above. My picture wasn’t perfectly like a birds view but it was close enough.

How to write a quality comment

This poster will help with making a quality comment if you don’t  already know. Follow these steps and will know how to make a comment. Remember not to leave any mean comments or to tell them they did not spell something write.


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All About My Avatar!

Hi I am patience!

My avatar doesn’t look exactly like me but it looks close enough. The reason I have wavy hair is because I put stuff in my hair to make it wavy. My hair is really curly tho. But I do have brown hair and eyes.

I do have a light grey shirt on because I do have light grey shirts at home and because they match with a lot of things. most of the time I do not go a lot of places with light grey shirts because white can get really dirty sometimes if you eat something messy or you do or play with something dirty.  But I do like white shirts.


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